Monday, 23 January 2017

1st Blog

A brief introduction to this blog
This blog will consists of my experiences as a person who is trying to work for the IT industry, I will update this post whenever I feel like there are things worth noting, for example new experiences and also updates with what I learned relating with computers.

To start off back in 2013 I entered college(or highschool in other parts of the world), for three years I studied IT and how to become a computer games developer. On 2016 I went on to university continuing the path on computer games(Technology), then on 2017 I decided to leave university to find both work and experience.

My list of software that I currently know how to use:
Programming languages:

3D Software:

Game Engine:

Other Software:
Adobe Flash
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premier

All of the current software's that are on the lists I learnt from college, At university I was learning how to use the following software's

3D Software:
3DS Max

Game Engine:
Unreal Engine

Programming Language:

Even though I left university, I did learn a little about the software's and how they operate.

To summarise
Have you ever thought about what you really want to do in life? Like really given it a thought and set in stone what you want to be in the future? For me growing up I didn't really think of what I wanted to do in the future, and did not really care for the majority of my life...

When you start to get older you get into a situation where it will be too late and realise you wasted a lot of time thinking and pick an option that you might not even enjoy later on.

I was one of few that wasted enough time thinking on what to do and made a quick decision to just go for it! So without thinking or even realising it, I decided to go for the games development route, I had the attitude of "How hard can it be right?". Well... I the results I wanted in college, but did not have the passion to continue. So I gave it another shot at university!

And now I am here now, as I type this last paragraph telling you(The audience) to really give your future a real thought, if you don't get the results the first time around, make sure you keep trying, you will get there.

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